Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Middle School Choir

MN Middle Honor Choir Info.
CONGRATULATIONS to HOMS students Olivia Wagner, Madison Dorival, Rachel Kapsch, Raj Punyamurthula and to TOMS Emily Lein and Tori Gens as they were selected to participate in the 2014 7th and 8th Grade Girls and Boys MN Middle School Honors Choir!  This is an ALL-STATE Honors Choir made up of students from all over Minnesota.  They were selected to be part of a choir of approximately 150 girls and 130 boys  and were 6 of over 880 students who auditioned!  I know they'll represent our school and our program well!  Congratulations!

Choir Concert information
The first Choir concert of the year is fast approaching.  The 6th grade Choir Concert is Monday, Dec. 8 at 7:00pm. Concert location is at TOMS in Jerabek Hall (big gym)  Students will meet at 6:30 in assigned rooms at TOMS.
The 7th and 8th grade Concert is Tuesday Dec. 9 at 7:00pm at TOMS in Jerabek Hall (big gym).  Students will meet at 6:30 in assigned rooms at TOMS.
All students are to be in concert attire.  Ask your child to tell you what that is!! They were quizzed on the handbook and should be able to inform you, but just in case.  All guys in black dress pants, white long sleeve shirt, dark color tie, black shoes and belt.  All girls are in white shirt (not sleeveless), black knee length or longer skirt OR black dress pants.  NO leggings or yoga pants. Shoes should not be over a couple inches high and no flip flops.